Dear Friends of the Forests,

Welcome to the Save America's Forests Fund Citizen Action Guide. Our goal to is transform concerned citizens into informed and effective environmental activists. In this online guide, you will learn how to become involved in local, state, and federal politics, gain publicity for your cause, and win your battles to save the environment.

Within the last 25 years, public sentiment in the U.S. has risen dramatically for protection for forests on public lands, as well for environmental protection in general. Unfortunately, our government has been going largely in the opposite direction. Federal environmental laws protecting our National Forests, which were weak to begin with, have been suspended or overturned by the U.S. Congress, and disregarded by the federal courts.

Every year, billions of our tax dollars have been spent by the U.S. Forest Service to destroy the last pristine forests left in America. Clearcutting on our public lands causes irreparable damage to ecosystems resulting in erosion and muddied rivers, loss of fertility, introduced non-native pests and diseases, and reduced population levels or extinction of native species.

Citizens acting on behalf of nature are the last hope for the natural world. If we take the time to learn how, our Democracy affords us, as citizens, the right to participate in the political process at the highest levels of government . We have the power to help change the laws that govern our nation to protect nature. We can affect the decisions in Congress and the agencies where natural resource policies are made.

To stop the downward spiral taking place within America's public lands, we must become Citizens in Action. We must push Congress to protect our wild treasures.  Please explore the pages within to see how you can make a difference...