Within these pages you'll find information that encircles the forest protection movement. Read about the major issues in public policy that have problematic side-effects within our forests. Analyze harvesting methods conducted by the timber industry. Get to know the current ecological state of our national shared lands. Take advantage of our resources and tools section to get your own activist campaign started.

One of the best ways to become more familiar and fluent with the issues is to discuss them with fellow forest activists. By evaluating their arguments, youíll learn how to best present your own case. The value of discussion cannot be overstated. Talk to the other activists in your area--get together for a group discussion. You can find other activists by calling the groups in the Resources section, and talking to the leaders of these groups directly.

Self-education is an ongoing process. Donít feel that you canít begin your activism before you know everything--start right away! You are a citizen and don't have to be an expert to express your opinion for forest protection. Persuasion with facts is important, but ultimately our strength lies in the pressure weíll create through the combined voices of many citizens. So, get out there and do something today for the forests' sake!