As a voting American citizen, you have the power to influence the political process of the United States Congress. Show your members of Congress that you are paying attention to what they do and say, and that you want them to take particular actions. When many voters with a common desire follow the actions of their members of Congress, they form a powerful political block. If the group works in a coordinated fashion, it can exercise considerable leverage over Congress’ actions. This is grassroots politics.

Because many members of Congress will make their policy decisions based on what they feel is right, it is not always necessary to have a large group working with you. To this day, Save America's Forests has had much success in persuading members of Congress to support the Act to Save America's Forests without the vast financial backing that other groups have.

Congress is deciding the fate of our forests, and you are part of a huge movement of concerned citizens who are ready and willing to demand that our forests be protected. Your activism combined with that of individuals across the country really will make a difference. TOP

Although there are many ways to fight for the forests, in the present political crisis, we must all work together to steer the course of the debate. Since Congress is the arena where many of the most important decisions will be made, we must all learn to become citizen lobbyists. Citizen activism is central to our Democratic system, yet in recent decades many people have neglected their right to free speech, and the government has become much less accountable to the people. For the sake of the forests and the Earth, we must revive participatory democracy in America. To get your motor running, check out the menu at the top left corner of this page.