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America's Forests Threatened by
Tree Incinerators/ Wood Energy

Anti-Biomass Incineration/Forest Protection Campaign

A Major New Threat to America's Forests - Tree Incinerators That Generate Electricity

Biomass Incinerator
                                         Photo Chris Matera, Massachusetts Forest Watch
Acres of Logs and Wood Chips at the Gigantic McNeil Tree Incinerator Facility, Vermont

CLICK ON THE ABOVE PICTURE - for a full sized look at
this gigantic tree burning incinerator facility

If Congress subsidizes construction of hundreds of new wood incinerators like this,
tens of millions of acres of America's remaining forests
will be obliterated

NOT "WASTE" WOOD - WHOLE TREES - See Giant Whole Tree Log Deck in Upper Left of Photo

   image 1 Dioxin Bronchial Tubes




Save America's Forests has joined with other forest protection groups, and groups fighting against incinerators that burn trees for energy. Together, we have created a new campaign:

the Anti-Biomass Incineration/Forest Protection Campaign

On July 14 and 15 of 2010, five leaders of the new Anti-Biomass Incineration/Forest Protection Campaign traveled to D.C. and joined with Save America's Forests in over 30 visits with members and staff of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. We found that Congress is rapidly moving ahead promoting progams to accelerate logging of our public and private forests and build wood incinerators.

Most members of Congress erroneously believe that burning trees for energy is green energy.

We must tell members of Congress, especially those who care about the environment, that burning trees in incinerators is bad environmentally, bad economically, and will cause increased air and water pollution with severe human health consequences.

Below are two letters to President Obama and Congress signed by over 50 groups opposing increased logging and biomass incineration. One letter focuses on the Wyden logging bill and the other letter focuses on the Renewable Electricity Standard, the Clean Air Act and the tailoring rule. Also below are many documents we are sharing with Congress, along with other information and links about the dangerous new biomass incineration threat to America's forests, air and water, human health, and our economy.

Look at these other groups' websites for more information

Energy Justice Network - Filled with facts on biomass and incineration
The Biomass Accountability Project - Massachusetts campaign against incinerators
Cascadia’s Ecosystem Advocates - Oregon campaign
Buckeye Forest Council - Ohio campaign
Massachusetts Forest Watch - Biomass clearcutting in forest of Boston's water supply

San Rafael Falls
Photo Chris Matera, Massachusetts Forest Watch
Giant Clearcut in Quabbin Reservoir, a Massachusetts state-owned forest,
and drinking water supply for 2 million people, including Boston

LISTEN TO ANTI-BIOMASS CAMPAIGN EXPERT AND AUTHOR MARY BOOTH PH.D. EXPLAIN WHY BIOMASS IS THE PROBLEM NOT THE SOLUTION - "The country is looking for alternatives to fossil fuels, and some power companies are seeing a solution in biomass - electricity from the burning of wood and plant materials. While regulators consider biomass a renewable energy source, some scientists say it could be worse for the climate than coal. Living on Earth's Mitra Taj reports on the ongoing debate over biomass' emissions.

December 2010 Radio Program - Vermont Pownal Proposed Biomass Incinerator - WAMC - Northeast Public Radio -Listen to experts refute claims by Biomass Industry that the Incinerator will be clean and not injurious to humans

November 2010 Radio Interview - FRED THE SHOW - 102.3 The Talk Monster! WGOW-FM - Listen to 3 experts with the Anti-Biomass Incineration - Forest Protection Campaign, explain why biomass electricity is a disaster for the forests and global warming - CLICK HERE FOR STREAMING AUDIO (MP3 File) 45 minutes -

July 29, 2010 Press Briefing - Listen to a recording of 6 experts with the Anti-Biomass Incineration - Forest Protection Campaign discuss the problems with biomass incineration, including pollution and carbon emissions, health, economics, legislation, forest ecology, the myth of energy independence, and public opposition - CLICK HERE FOR STREAMING AUDIO (WMA file). 45 minutes.

Moderator - Carl Ross, Director, Save America's Forests


Information on Forests and Biomass Incinerators

Fact Sheets, Articles, Etc.

Letters Opposing Logging Forests for Biomass Incinerators

  1. Letter to the President and Congress Opposing Biomass Incineration and Increased Logging - July 29, 2010
  2. Letter to Congress Opposing Wyden Bill - March 2010
  3. 90 Scientists Letter to Congress - Biomass Tree Incinertors Not Carbon Neutral


  1. Scientific Paper - Indiana Case Study - March 2013- Pollution and Drought - Using Biomass Incinerator to Generate Electricity
  2. Plan To Use Wood At Nine Ohio Power Plants Suspended - 12.5.10 - The Columbus Dispatch
  3. China Adding 500 Gigawatts of Renewable Power by 2020 - 12.4.10 - Clean Technica -
    Includes massive bioenergy increase including 50 million tons of biomass pellets
  4. Republicans Kill Section 1603 Renewable Energy Cash Grants - 12.4.10 - Clean Technica
  5. EPA To Weaken Boiler Rules 12.2.10 - E&E News
  6. Press Release - December 1, 2010 - New US Government Report Finds Incinerators the Most Expensive Way to Generate Electriicty
  7. * VICTORY * - Giant Burger Wood Burning Facility Defeated, Will Close Down - 11.18.10 - Ohio.com
  8. Press Release -11.16.2010-Campaign Says EPA’s Clean Air Act should prohibit burning forests for “green” energy
  9. Common Dreams - 11.4.2010 - Rachel Smolker - Mind Boggling Forest-Gobbling Biomass Boondoggle
  10. Florida Alligator - Alexander Klausner - Group Attempting to Stop Biomass Facility
  11. E&E News-Dina Fine Maron-8.19.10-Scientists: No Carbon Credits for Logging Forest Understory
  12. Akron Beacon Journal - Bob Downing - August 1, 2010 - Burning Trees at Ohio Facility Fuels Debate
  13. Florida Tribune - Bruce Ritchie - July 29, 2010 - 55 Groups Urge Obama and Congress No Biomass Incinerators
  14. NY Times Green Blog - Matt Wald - July 29, 2010 - Biomass Incinerators - Meg Sheehan quoted
  15. E&E News - Dina Fine Maron - July 12, 2010 - New Campaign Lobbies Congress Against Biomass Incinerators
  16. Press Release - July 29, 2010 - Letter to Obama, Congress Opposing Biomass Incineration
  17. Press Release - July 29, 2010 - Florida Biomass Incineration Lawsuit
  18. Eugene Weekly - BIO MESS - July 22, 2010 - Camilla Mortensen - Samantha Chirillo of Cascadia's Ecosystem Advocates

Forest Destruction

  1. Review of Duke Southeastern Biomass Energy Feasibility Study - Mary Booth
  2. Clearcut Disaster - Mary Booth - Environmental Working Group - Report
  3. Forest Impacts - fact sheet
  4. Incinerators and Whole Trees - fact sheet
          The incinerator industry spokesman falsely claims incinerators do not burn whole trees, only "waste" -
                "...not aware of any facilities that use whole trees"
          However, the incinerator facilities own documents PROVE that incinerators burn whole trees
                - Fitchburg, MA - "the facility burns whole-tree chips"
                - Ryegate, VT - “The Ryegate Power Station burns 250,000 tons of whole-tree chips per year.”
    Bethlehem, NH - "The facility uses approximately 675 tons (per day) of whole-tree chips.”

Forests - Carbon Sequestration

  1. Decade-old Error by Scientists Counts Deforestation and Tree Incineration as Carbon Neutral - Searchinger - scientific paper
  2. US National Forests, Carbon Sequestration, and Climate - fact sheet
  3. Public Lands, Logging, Carbon Sequestration - Depro, et al. - scientific paper
  4. Old-Growth Forests As Global Carbon Sinks - Luyssaert, et al - scientific paper
  5. Old Growth Forests Sequester Carbon - Zhou - scientific paper

Carbon Emissions - Pollution

  1. 90 Scientists to Congress - Biomass Tree Incinertors Not Carbon Neutral - Letter
  2. Regarding Carbon Dioxide, Biomass Incinerators Are Dirtier Than Coal - Fact Sheet
  3. Carbon Neutrality Myth - Fact Sheet
  4. Logging Forests Is Not Carbon Neutral - Fact Sheet

Pollution - Human Health

  1. Biomass Health Fact Sheet - Save America's Forests
  2. American Lung Association Energy Policy Position (including biomass)
  3. American Lung Association Massachusetts Letter Opposes Biomass Incinerator
  4. American Lung Association National Letter Opposing Biomass Incineration
  5. Health Impacts of Incinerators - Fact sheet
  6. Medical Associations Oppose Incinerators
  7. Massachusetts Breast Cancer Association Letter
  8. Medical Letter to Congress
  9. Massachusetts Medical Society - February 25, 2010 Testimony Against Biomass Incinerators
  10. North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians Letter
  11. Biomass Is The New Coal - Report by PFPI - 2014

    Environmental Justice

  1. NAACP - Valdosta Georgia - Letter to Congress Opposing Local Biomass Incinerator
  2. Bullard - Dismantling Energy Apartheid in US 2.9.2011
  3. Bullard - 40 Env Justice Groups Call to Action 11.13.2010

Wood - Biomass Incineration

  1. Map of Wood Incinerators in the U.S.
  2. Biomass Incineration Fact Sheet



  1. Information Sheet - Gainsville Biomass Incinerator
  2. 9.1.10 - Florida Aligator - Florida Supreme Court May Hear Biomass Incinerator Case
  3. 8.25.10 - Press Release


  1. Proposed Incinerator Said To Be Medical Atrocity - 10.27.2010 - Valdosta Daily Times
  2. Growing oposition of proposed biomass energy plant - 10.27.2010 - Valdosta Daily Times
  3. Technical Informaiton on Proposed Valdosta Biomass Incinerator-10.27.2010-Valdosta Daily Times
  4. Valdosta Daily Times Questions, Criticizes Proposed Biomass Incinerator - 10.26.2010
  5. Video About Valdosta Biomass Incinerator - 2 minutes - Seth Gunning

  1. Biomass Invades Southern Indiana - 11.27.19 - Bloomington Alternative
  1. Official Comments On Wood Incinerators to Mass. Dept of Energy Re: Renewable Portfolio Standard - 10.21.2010
  2. Manomet Study: Biomass is Not Carbon Neutral - June 2010 (large file - 6 gb)
  3. Manomet Study Executive Summary - June 2010
  4. Secretary of State Responds to Manoment: Letter on New Biomass Incinerator Rule - July 2010
  5. Review of Manomet Study with Additional Important Facts - Mary Booth
  6. Shocking Map of Masschusetts Forests if logged for wood incinerators
  7. Channel 5 Boston TV News Video Series on Biomass Incinerators-Clearcutting in Mass. October 2010
  1. Plan To Use Wood At Nine Ohio Power Plants Suspended - 12.5.10 - The Columbus Dispatch
  2. *VICTORY * - Giant Burger Wood Burning Facility Defeated, Will Close Down - 11.18.10 - Ohio.com
  3. Ohio Biomass Incinerator - Forest Factsheet - Logging of Whole Trees


  1. Eugene Weekly - BIO MESS - July 22, 2010 - Camilla Mortensen - Samantha Chirillo of Cascadia's Ecosystem Advocates


  1. The Texas Tribune - 11.5.10 Biomass Power Plants Rise in East Texas


  1. December 2010 Radio Program - Vermont Pownal Proprosed Biomass Incinerator - WAMC - Northeast Public Radio -Listen to experts refute claims by Biomass Industry that the Incinerator will be clean and not injurious to humans
  2. Summary of Issues in Vermont Prepared by Chris Matera for Biomass Public Hearing from the "Vermont Biomass Working Group" on November 30, 2010 in Randolph Vermont
  3. Biomass Facility in Ashland Wisconsin DEFEATED - 11.29.10 - Journal Sentinel - XCEL cancels biomass gasification facility that would have beent the largest wood-burning power plant in the Midwest


  1. Jobs Fact Sheet
  2. Letter to Senator Stabenow from Dr. Bill Sammons

Comments on Agency Rules, etc

Save America's Forests endorses some but not necessarily all the views in the documents in this section, but makes them all available for the information they contain

  1. Comments on USDA Farm Program "Biomass Crop Assistance Program" FPEIS by NRDC, NSAC, and Biomass Accountability Project - August 16, 2010
    - Attachment A - BCAP FPEIS
    - Attachment B - BCAP FPEIS

  2. Comments to EPA on "Tailoring Rule" - EPA Call for Information on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated With Bioenergy and Other Biogenic Sources- September 13, 2010
    - Comments by Anti-Biomass Incineration and Forest Protection Campaign
    - Comments by Center for Biological Diversity
    - Comments by Sound Resource Management Group - Jeffrey Morris, Ph.D.
    - Comments by Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance - GAIA

  3. Official Comments On Wood Incinerators to Massachusetts Dept of Energy Re: Renewable Portfolio Standard by Stop Spewing Carbon and Allies - 10.21.2010

  4. EPA Decision to to Exempt CO2 Biomass Emissions from Clean Air Act Regulations for Three Years - Statement by Save America's Forests, Biofuelwatch, Buckeye Forest Council - 4.5.2011

Government Information

  1. Federal ARRA $50 Mil Logging-Biomass Incinerator Program - USDA Project List - August 2010
  2. Energy Use in U.S. - 50% of so-called "renewable energy" is tree incinerators and other biomass energy
  3. Definition of "Biomass" in the 2005 Energy Policy Act

Since 1989, Save America's Forests has been bringing the nationwide
campaign for forest protection to the halls of the U.S. Congress.

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