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What is
Save America's Forests?

  • A nationwide campaign to save the America's last Ancient Forests, end clearcutting and all other destructive forms of logging,, and restore our nation's wild and natural forests using the science of conservation biology as a guide.
  • A coalition of thousands of scientists, citizens, and groups throughout America working together to protect local forests, including the largest trees on earth, the Giant Sequoias in Giant Sequoia National Monument, where 50% of the Sequoias are found, and the entire national forest system, over 200 million acres, including tens of millions of acres of roadless and Ancient forests.
  • A voice for truth and action for forest protection, speaking forcefully to our federal government in the heart of our nation's capital, Washington, D.C.
  • An international coalition working with the indigenous Waorani (Huaorani) to protect Yasuní Rainforest in the Ecuadorian Amazon from destruction by oil extraction, logging, and other threats. We are also working to protect the Peruvian Amazon and are working with indigenous people there
  • We are also working with indigenous peoples around the world, including those from Manipur, India, West Papua, New Guinea, and the Western Congo, in Africa, to protect their forests from exploitation by international mining, logging, and oil companies.

    Save America's Forests:

  • In 1994, succeeded in getting the full House of Representatives to hold the first hour long debate and vote on the issues of clearcutting and roadbuilding in National Forests since Congress legalized clearcutting  in 1976.
  • Organized numerous hearings in Congress, bringing loggers, scientists, professional foresters and local forest protection advocates to expose the forest crisis, explain the flaws in current U.S. forest policies, and support our legislation as the national solution.
  • Created and led the now famous campaign to repeal the 1995 "salvage rider".
  • Helped thousands of coalition members lobby their state and federal officials on forest protection issues.
  • Produced the video documentary The Last Ancient Forests, winner of 11 international awards, featuring James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy.
  • Created the Act to Save America's Forests, the largest and strongest nationwide forest protection and restoration bill ever introduced in both houses of the U.S. Congress
  • Works with the leading scientists on earth, including Dr. Jane Goodall, Dr. E.O. Wilson, and the Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Is now working with international scientists, non-profits in other countries, and indigenous forest peoples to protect pristine forests in North, Central and South America

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Save America's Forests Staff/Interns - Summer 2008
Kerri Oddenino, Elisa Walker, Gina Yeomans, Carli Seeba, Payam Mehrahi, Megan Welch, Carl Ross

Fall 2005 - At one of our desktop computers

Volunteer Ceasar Montez and Carl Ross work together on www.SaveAmericasForests.org website. Ceasar is a Navajo from Teesto Community, Navajo Reservation who also was part of the D.C. Native American team working with the Gwichen Nation from Alaska to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the fall of 2005


Summer 2005 - Save America's Forests team
after a rainy day, posing in front of our
4 Library Court, SE Washington DC office

Carl Ross, Caitlin Clarke, Andrea Lauerman, Annette Bellafiore, Kris Kraus

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Save America's Forests is the nationwide campaign to protect and restore America's wild and natural forests.
Citizen involvement is how our laws are made. Help shape U.S. forest protection policy.
Become an activist, a group or business member, or an individual supporter.
Together, we can protect and restore America's wild and natural forests!

Yasuni Rainforest Campaign, Save Yasuni, and Save The World's Forests are part of
Save America's Forests worldwide campaign to protect and restore forests around the world
and protect the rights of indigneous forest peoples who live in them.
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