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News Archive

February, 2005Save America's Forests begins new campaign to protect the most biodiverse forest on earth, Yasuni National Park and World Biosphere Reserve in Ecuador. Jane Goodall, E.O. Wilson sign letter asking Ecuador to protect Yasuni. See new Yasuni Rainforest Campaign website at www.YasuniRainforestCampaign.org

October, 2004Save America's Forests attends Eastern Forest Summit/old growth conference at Holyoke Community College in Massachusetts, pictures of glorious New England fall forests in full color along the Mohawk Trail State Forest

July, 2004Save America's Forests visits local art school

December 11, 2003OREGONIAN-Former Oregon Representatives Charles Porter and Jim Weaver Attack Timber Industry "Healthy Forests" law, Support the Act to Save America's Forests

November 24, 2003Senator Jon Corzine Introduces Act to Save America's Forests of 2003, S. 1938, in the U.S. Senate. Read his floor statment, A "Dear Colleague", and read the new bill itself.

April 2003Summary and Fact Sheet for Act to Save America's Forests

August 7, 2002Representative Eshoo's Press Release

July 17, 2002Representative Eshoo's "Dear Colleague" announcement of her reintroduction of the Act to Save America's Forests

June 28, 2002Yale Scientist Dr. Oswald Schmitz's letter of Endorsement for the Act to Save America's Forests

February 9, 2001
Letter from Dr. Peter Raven to Sen. Jean Carnahan (D-MO) Dr. Peter Raven, world reknowned botanist and director of the Missouri Botanical Gardens, sends letter to Congress endorsing the Act to Save America's Forests.

January 17, 2001Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt's Siskiyou announcement No Siskiyou River National Monument designation, requesting 2-year mining moratorium.

January 11, 2001Carl Ross, E.O. Wilson, Stuart Pimm send letter to President Bill Clinton, vice-President Al Gore, Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt, and Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman asking them to designate the Siskiyou Wild Rivers National Monument.

Winter 2000Article about The Act to Save America's Forests in Diplomatic World Observer by Dr. Jud Newborn

April 16, 2000NEWSDAY Life Magazine Cover Story featuring Save America's Forests Executive Director Carl Ross

July 14, 1999—A  coalition of over 100 Representatives and Senators announced their intention to pass the Act to Save America's Forests Act to Save America's Forests, legislation to reverse a century of wasteful and destructive logging practices in the federal forest system.
                Senator Max Cleland (GA) co-sponsors the Act (press release)
                Rep. Anna Eshoo introduces the Act (press release)
                Thank you to our Congressional champions:  Statement of Carl Ross, Director

April 28, 1998
600 Scientists Endorse Act to Save America's Forests
Act to Save America's Forests (AP Story)
Scientists' letter to Congress:  Dr. Peter Raven, Dr. Jane Goodall, Dr. E.O. Wilson, 600 other scientists

We Can Win--Senator Robert Torricelli's speech
Rep. Anna Eshoo welcomes scientists' support (press release)

Dr. E.O. Wilson presents an important slide show
Scientists Statements:Stuart Pimm, Ph.D.
, Gary Meffe, Ph.D., Arthur Partridge, Ph.D. David Montgomery, Ph.D., Seth Reice, Ph.D., Henry Mushinsky, Ph.D.

March 27, 1998
Historic Victory For Forests. "Son of Salvage Rider" Defeated.

1998Save America's Forests receives praise in the book, A Pocket Guide to ENVIRONMENTAL BAD GUYS (and a Few Ideas on How to Stop Them) by James Ridgeway & Jeffrey St. Clair — read the quote

November 1994History of Save America's Forests campaign for early version of the Act to Save America's Forests in Wild Forest Review Magazine

September 19, 1993Featured Profile of Carl Ross, Founder of Save America's Forests, in the NEW YORK TIMES

Summer 1992Wild Earth-Two articles: one by Ned Fritz and another by Reed Noss.

Ned Fritz explains why legislation to protect biodiversity and stop clearcutting (The Forest Biodiversity and Clearcutting Prohibition Act - H.R. 1969) is important to protect federal forest lands. He also explains that other legislation of that time - the Ancient Forest bill - could be combined with the anti-clearcutting legislation into one bill to give the greatest amount of forest protection.

The Act to Save America's Forests , which was introduced 4 years after Ned wrote this article, is exactly that - a combination of both bills - and Ned Fritz did support the Act to Save America's Forests.

Reed Noss countered Ned's article in Wild Earth with a rebuttal, criticizing the Anti-Clearcutting legislation because it allowed logging. Noss did not consider Fritz's suggested combined legislation.

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