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As part of our continuing effort to provide up to date information about oil development in the Western Amazon, we have built an online database about individual oil blocks. For each block, the databases below include data on the company leasing the block, groups with whom there are conflicts, notes about current projects in that block, and estimates of the area affected.

The two links below are Google Doc spreadsheets and are maintained by Dr. Matt Finer. Currently the database is in Spanish only, but information should still be easily understood by English-only speakers. Spreadsheet 1 details all of the oil and gas blocks within the Loreto Region, located in the northern Peruvian Amazon. Spreadsheet 2 details all of the the oil and gas blocks over the entire Peruvian Amazon.

This is spreadsheet 1 (Loreto Region).

This is spreadsheet 2 (entire Peruvian Amazon).


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