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Yasuní: If you have seen our online Yasuní slide show and checked out the diversity maps, you know that Yasuní National Park is an extraordinary place, being documented by scientists as the peak on earth in its overall richness of species.

If you have seen our slide show maps of the oil corporation concessions blanketing Yasuni Park, then you know Yasuní is imminently threatened. Recent oil roads, and new ones ready to be punched deep into Yasuní National Park, will tear the fabric of life to shreads. These oil roads will lead to illegal logging and hunting, colonization, and ultimately deforestation and extinction.

If you have read the news sections, you know we are working as partners with the Waorani, the indigenous hunter-gathers of Yasuni, who have lived in their ancestral Amazon forest home since before recorded time.

The living diversity of Yasuní must be saved.

The culture of the Waorani, and their right to live in Yasuní, must be protected.

The threatened and endangered species of Yasuní and the Waorani need your help to keep their rainforest home safe for future generations for animals, plants and people.

Save America's Forests' Yasuní Rainforest Campaign has achieved a great deal in a short time, as the news stories and letters from scientists show. But time is running out, and there is much more to do. We need funds to support our research trips back in the field in Yasuní, to work with the Waorani and local Ecuadorian groups fighting to protect their rainforest home, to continue our groundbreaking work with the world's top scientists, and much more.

In the past three years, we have helped the Waorani to participate in educational projects, to organize to protect Yasuní from pollution by the oil companies, to stop illegal loggers, and to help them to develop ecotourism and selling handicrafts as alternatives to the oil companies and loggers as sources of income. We have donated new equipment to many Waorani leaders to help them with their work in protecting Yasuní.

Western Amazon: Your new Western Amazon paper is centerpiece of our new website on the Western Amazon. Our scientific paper has generated worldwide coverage, including in Africa Asia and throughout Europe. It is filled with a wealth new information and maps, and scientifically documents the threats to the entire region of the Western Amazon, which includes parts of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, and Comobia. Our site will be updated with new data and maps, and is going to be a major new source of information for scientists all over the world studying this region, the governments of the five countries of the region who are already using our data, the indigneous peoples, and citizens all over the world who want to help protect this vital area of our planet, the most biologically diverse place anywhere on Earth.

We are succeeding in our goals to protect Yasuní, but we need your help to continue.

You can make donations to help save Yasuní, either online using your credit card, or through the mail.

To support the Yasuní Rainforest Campaign, you can choose to make a tax-deductible donation to Save America's Forests Fund, or you can make a legislative action, non-tax deductible donation to Save America's Forests. The choice is yours.

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Yasuni GIANT OTTER (GLOBALLY THREATENED) courtesy www.FindingSpecies.org
courtesy www.FindingSpecies.org

Yasuni Woolly Monkey

Woolly Monkey courtesy Roy Fontaine

The Woolly Monkey is locally threatened in Yasuni from overhunting near the oil roads.


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