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Welcome to Save the World's Forests evaluation of protected and natural forests in Europe and Japan. Forests throughout the world are being destroyed at an extraordinary rate. Forests are cut down for their timber, for firewood, and for grazing purposes. Both developed and developing countries urgently need to promote the protection of the last wild forests on earth, and ecologically sustainable management of our forest ecosystems.

History and Geography of the major forests
A list of regions that contain major protected and natural forests

A brief summary of the leading dangers to European forests
Information about protected areas
A summary of the legal framework behind the protection movement
A country by country profile highlighting the protected and natural forests status

Special Forest Highlights:
-Shirakami Sanchi of Honshu Island, Northern Japan
-Ashu Enshurin: An Educational Forest Reserve in Western Japan
-Yaku Island of Southern Japan
Concerns and Suggestions

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