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 E.O.Wilson Slide Show: Second Page

Disappearing Forest Species


"At the present time, about 100,000 species of plants animals and microorganisms are known to be native to the United States. Of these, as the recent survey published by the Nature Conservancy from the best databases available shows, it is apparent that about 1% are extinct. I suspect it is more than that because it is hard to track all the rare species that may have gone extinct in earlier times. About 1% has gone extinct and 1/3 are in some degree of endangerment, much of it due to the continued removal of America’s Ancient Forests and other critical habitat.

Now when you cut a forest, an Ancient Forest in particular, you are not just removing a lot of big trees and a few birds fluttering around in the canopy. You are removing or drastically imperiling a vast array of species even within a few square miles of you. The number of these species may go to tens of thousands. Many of them, the very smallest of them, are still unknown to science, and science has not yet discovered the key role undoubtedly played in the maintenance of that ecosystem, as in the case of fungi, microorganisms, and many of the insects.

They have been a symbol in these habitats, literally over millions of years of evolution. They are exquisitely adapted to these habitats. That is how the balance has been maintained.

That is a balance that has been severely affected by these new procedures of extensive lumbering that humanity has introduced."

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Dr. E.O. Wilson

Slide show, delivered by
Edward. O. Wilson, Ph.D.
April 28, 1998
U.S. Capitol
Washington, DC

"It is critically important the Act to Save America's Forests be passed into law as soon as possible. The Act is essential to protect the forests and biodiversity of America, and will prevent countless plants and animal species from going extinct."

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